Monday, January 12, 2009

Super Skull

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Super Skull
3" x 3"
Ink on Acrylic Paper
This drawing is SOLD.

This is an original ink drawing of a highly-detailed abstract skull celebrating Mexico's Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. The funky designs are inspired by tribal folk art from around the world. I love intricate patterns and I use a super tiny pen nib to pack in all those designs! As you can see, this drawing is incredibly detailed - and remember, it's only 3 inches square! My abstract artwork is very process-oriented and carries a spiritual meaning related to the mystery of existence and a reverence for the unfolding process of life and death. While working on drawings that are this detailed, I become so immersed in the work that drawing the images becomes a meditative process through which I strive to achieve balance amidst chaos (similar to the concept of mushin). My abstract art is also heavily inspired by my world travels, particularly my visits to remote tribal villages in the Kutch region of India, as well as my visits to temples and roadside shrines in Sri Lanka, India, and Nepal. There is a 1/4" border around all 4 edges of the drawing, to allow for easy matting and framing.
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Jenise Spiteri said...

Great Job! I hope I can do such intricate art one day.