Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pink Rose

Pink Rose

6" x 6"

Acrylic on Wood Panel

This artwork is available for purchase here.

This meticulously detailed painting depicts a single pink rose before a background of vintage telephone number keys, which in turn is superimposed over a palette of soft blue with enlarged and illegible gold script writing. The pastel colors of the painting lend the piece a dulcet air of nostalgia, which is enhanced by the incomprehensibility of the juxtaposition of these various elements. The surface of the painting is textured to further create the feeling of age, while reflective metallic highlights were added to the gold script and silver number keys to add a bit of spark and shine. There is a huge amount of detail in this piece, with the softly unfolding petals of the rose and the 3-dimensional effect of the number keys. I enjoy the process of photorealist painting, as it requires intense focus and concentration which usually leads to a rather meditative state of seeing and painting.

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Jordan said...

Nice one!!